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Breedvoerige spanstatistiek - "Team Starfire World BOINC"
Projek GPUGrid     Laas opgedateer: 07:20:25 ago Na gekombineerde statistiek
Land International
Naam Team Starfire World BOINC
Krediettotaal 139,503,945.16
Credits today 139,503,945.16
% van projek krediettotaal 0.06058%
Posisie gebaseert op krediettotaal 120 out of 1,403
More credits than % of all teams 91.51818%
% of total country credit 21.07719%
Begin op Tuesday, 25 December 2007, 14:35
Global Team id (for data export) 119845
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Onlangse kredietgemiddeld
Onlangse kredietgemiddeld 298,334.90
% van gemiddelde krediettotaal 0.08683%
% of total country average credit 13.48905%
Posisie gebaseert op kredietgemiddeld 100 out of 1,403
More RAC than % of all teams 92.94369%
Spanlede 19 (Lys alles)
% of total project users 0.07663%
Posisie gebaseert op aantal spanlede 85 out of 1,403
More members than % of all teams 94.01283%
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Team Starfire World BOINC is a small international team of long standing distributed computing enthusiasts and those new as well.

We have quite a few members into performance PCs and GPUs, open forums where we want everyone to feel comfortable. You'll find us to be a friendly and helpful group, to help you get started, solve any problem you may have, or join us in beta testing new projects.

We have a team IRC channel at irc://irc. for our team and general talk.

We have teams for all projects and all interests, so drop in, say hello and hang out to see what we're about.

We have cookies!
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